Fishing these waters requires the basic need to examine carefully what insects and flies are hatching at any given time of day. The wealth of natural fly life is ideally suited to nymph and dry fly fishing. During the early weeks of the season fish will naturally lie and feed low down whilst a shortage of surface fly life persists. Arrive well equipped with Montana’s, black and red Buzzers and a variety of Nymphs. As the temperatures rise in April, add Damsel Nymphs and Pheasant Tail to ones collection and come with Hares Ear and Hawthorn flies.

In recent years the Mayfly have arrived early in the month and the normal May fly season is from the end of the first week of May until early June. There are always plenty of aquatic insects and terrestrials from the adjacent farmland, woodland and marsh and be prepared to stalk your fish especially as the season goes on and conditions become more challenging.

Invariably for the first time visitor there will be an experienced hand around to offer advice and guidance to fish these natural but rewarding waters.

The Owners continue to maintain an atmosphere here at Salford where a balance of good sport in these idyllic surrounds compliments their wish to run a commercial fishery where sportsmen can come and test their wits for a few peaceful hours of fly fishing.

For more information please call 07531 073813.